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Amdocs Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

Amdocs visited our college for full time Software Engineer profile. Selection process was consist of 3 round. Round 1: Total of 150 students appeared in online test out of which 31 are selected for next round. # 1st Round Topics: 1.1) Quantitative Aptitude 1.2) Logical reasoning 1.3) English comprehension and general questions 1.4) sql/pl-sql (queries)… Read More »

Amdocs Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

TOTAL 3 ROUNDS: ROUND 1::ONLINE TEST…topics (a) quantative aptitude (b) logical reasoning (c) unix(technical part) (d) sql / pl-sql(technnical part) (e) english comprehension and general questions (f) coding ( 2 easy question in 45 minutes).if u have an average coding skill than its easy for you. (g) operating system questions.(technical part) (h) psychometry test. (i)… Read More »

Amdocs Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Round 1: 1.Quantative (16 ques in 16 min) 2.Reasoning(14 in 14 min). 3.English(18 in 16 min). 4.Coding(2 question in 45 min). (I)Print pattern(for N=4) 1 3*2 4*5*6 10*9*8*7 (II) Merge two array and sort them(can’t use inbuilt function) Take care of TLE. 5.Sql+dbms(10 question) +unix(10 q)+c+ds(10 quest) in 30 min. —->16 Shortlisted Round 2: Technical(1… Read More »