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Directi Interview Experience | Set 15 (1st Round of On-Campus)

Hi, I recently appeared for the 1st round of Directi’s recruitment process. Students were divided into 2 slots. The questions for the slots were as follows : SLOT 1 :- Maximum Sized Rectangle in a binary Array http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/maximum-size-rectangle-binary-sub-matrix-1s/ Blueberry Cheese Cake: There is a school in a village. It has N classes. One fine day,… Read More »

Directi Interview Experience | Set 14 (On-Campus)

Direct I came for Full Time recruitment for Applications Engineer, Operations Engineer and Platform Engineer in our campus. Round 1 Online test on Codechef contains 3 Coding Questions 1. Find the maximum sum of path between any two leaf nodes in a binary tree represented as an array. Example: Given Tree – {1,2,3,4,5,6,7} Answer: (5+2+1+3+7)… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 13

There was coding round on CodeChef for 3 hours duration. You cannot use custom test cases within their IDE or edit your code after running. Coding Problem 1 Amanada, a school kid, is learning English alphabets. Her teacher devised a small game to make the task fun. A grid of ‘m’ rows and ‘n’ columns… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 12 (On-Campus)

Recently DirectI visited our campus for placements for three profiles – 1. Platform Engineer 2. Applications Engineer 3. Operations Engineer This process is for the first two profiles, I did not apply for Operations. Round 1: Online coding round (263 applicants) Q1. Given cost C[i] and calorie content P[i] of n chocolates, find the maximum… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 11 (On-Campus)

Directi came to my college for Operations Engineer (DevOps ) profile. There was a presentation and PPT(pre-placement talk) through which we got a chance to interact with them and got know more about Directi initiatives. Interview Process: MCQ (DOT Test) Coding Round (Offline with Documentation) Face to Face (Technical Interview) Face to Face (Technical Interview)… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 10 (On-Campus)

 DirectI came to my college for DevOps profile. The day started with PPT( pre-placement talk) and i was impressed with the work they are doing. So, I decided to give a shot. The whole process consists of : MCQ round, Coding round and 3 face to face interviews.   MCQ: In this round they gave… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 9 (On-Campus)

Catch The Train You are walking down the escalator to catch a subway train. The escalator itself moves at a speed of Ve meters per minute. You can walk down the escalator at a relative speed of Vy meters per minute. The length of the escalator is L meters. Trains arrive T minutes apart. Let… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 8 (Off-Campus)

I applied for Directi off-campus on its career website and I got a call. There were total 5 rounds. Online coding round: 1.5 hours There were a total of 3 questions. All of them were coding questions covering ad-hoc, dp ,hashing ,graphs etc and you could do it only if you do regular online competitive… Read More »