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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 42 (Off-Campus)

Recently i was interviewed at Adobe(off-campus) Software-Engineer position and got placed. I would like to thank the whole GeeksforGeeks team for providing such a great platform for preparing interviews. Below is a detailed description of all the rounds. 1st Round(Online) : Aptitude Test:45 minutes(Objective Only). Technology Test:C/C++ or Java(only one)(Objective+Subjective) 45 minutes.The questions were easy… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 39 (1.5 Years Experienced)

Test Procedure: (Prior to interview date) 1. Online Written test. Time: 1:30 hrs Questions: 25(5- coding, 20- MCQ) MCQs were aptitude, Operating systems and output questions Coding were simple array manipulation. 2. F2F Interview(1 hrs) (Bangalore) Q1: Find the diameter of the of binary tree with least complexity(O(n)). http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/diameter-of-a-binary-tree/ Q2: Convert a binary search tree… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 37 (3.5 Years Experienced)

Online Written Test 20 MCQ + 5 Coding Questions F2F 1 1. There are two sorted arrays . Find the median of array obtained by Merging these two arrays. http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/median-of-two-sorted-arrays/ 2. Find Transpose of a Matrix. 3. Tell me about Garbage Collection . I told him about GC process and different types of GCs available.… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 33 (On-Campus)

Adobe came to my campus in April 2016 for Software Engineer(White Box Testing) profile.   ONLINE ASSESSMENT ON HACKERRANK: First, they took 2 online tests.An aptitude test having 50 questions to be done in 45 minutes. It was pretty easy .Mostly questions were on logical reasoning based on seating arrangements,data interpretation,test cases ,find the area… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 32 (For MTS-1)

I was recently interviewed for MTS-1 at Adobe. Here is my interview experience: 1) Online written round 1. Aptitude test, time = 45 min, questions = 60. (Tip: Start from last question.) 2. Coding test, time = 2hrs, questions = 7 coding, 13 technical multiple choice. Multiple choice questions contained maximum questions related pointers. 7… Read More »