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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 44 (For MTS-1)

First round was online for 75 minutes on hackerrank. 3 sections: Aptitude,Output and 2 coding questions. Coding questions: 1. Given a string find alphabetically first and last substrings which start with vowel and end with constant 2. Given a set of votes.Find the candidate with maximum number of votes. There were 3 F2F rounds at… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 42 (Off-Campus)

Recently i was interviewed at Adobe(off-campus) Software-Engineer position and got placed. I would like to thank the whole GeeksforGeeks team for providing such a great platform for preparing interviews. Below is a detailed description of all the rounds. 1st Round(Online) : Aptitude Test:45 minutes(Objective Only). Technology Test:C/C++ or Java(only one)(Objective+Subjective) 45 minutes.The questions were easy… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 39 (1.5 Years Experienced)

Test Procedure: (Prior to interview date) 1. Online Written test. Time: 1:30 hrs Questions: 25(5- coding, 20- MCQ) MCQs were aptitude, Operating systems and output questions Coding were simple array manipulation. 2. F2F Interview(1 hrs) (Bangalore) Q1: Find the diameter of the of binary tree with least complexity(O(n)). http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/diameter-of-a-binary-tree/ Q2: Convert a binary search tree… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 37 (3.5 Years Experienced)

Online Written Test 20 MCQ + 5 Coding Questions F2F 1 1. There are two sorted arrays . Find the median of array obtained by Merging these two arrays. http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/median-of-two-sorted-arrays/ 2. Find Transpose of a Matrix. 3. Tell me about Garbage Collection . I told him about GC process and different types of GCs available.… Read More »