Multiply two integers without using multiplication, division and bitwise operators, and no loops


By making use of recursion, we can multiply two integers with the given constraints.

To multiply x and y, recursively add x y times.

/* function to multiply two numbers x and y*/
int multiply(int x, int y)
   /* 0  multiplied with anything gives 0 */
   if(y == 0)
     return 0;

   /* Add x one by one */ 
   if(y > 0 )
     return (x + multiply(x, y-1));
  /* the case where y is negative */ 
   if(y < 0 )
     return -multiply(x, -y);

int main()
  printf("\n %d", multiply(5, -11));
  return 0;

Time Complexity: O(y) where y is the second argument to function multiply().

Russian Peasant (Multiply two numbers using bitwise operators)

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