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Standard Greedy Algorithms :

  1. Activity Selection Problem
  2. Egyptian Fraction
  3. Job Sequencing Problem
  4. Huffman Coding
  5. Efficient Huffman Coding for sorted input

Greedy Algorithms in Graphs :

  1. Kruskal’s Minimum Spanning Tree
  2. Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree
  3. Boruvka’s Minimum Spanning Tree
  4. Reverse delete algorithm for MST
  5. Dijkastra’s Shortest Path Algorithm
  6. Dial’s Algorithm
  7. Dijkstra’s Algorithm for Adjacency List Representation
  8. Prim’s MST for adjacency list representation

Greedy Algorithms in Operating Systems :

  1. First Fit algorithm in Memory Management
  2. Best Fit algorithm in Memory Management
  3. Worst Fit algorithm in Memory Management
  4. Shortest Job First Scheduling

Approximate Greedy Algorithms for NP Complete Problems :

  1. Traveling Salesman Problem | Set 2 (Approximate using MST)
  2. Set cover problem
  3. Bin Packing Problem
  4. Graph Coloring
  5. K-centers problem
  6. Shortest superstring problem

Greedy Algorithms for Special Cases of DP problems:

  1. Fractional Knapsack Problem
  2. Minimum number of coins required

More Greedy Problems:

  1. Minimum time to finish all jobs with given constraints
  2. Job Sequencing Problem | Set 2 (Using Disjoint Set)
  3. Minimum sum of two numbers formed from digits of an array
  4. Find Smallest number with given number of digits and digits sum
  5. Connect n ropes with minimum cost
  6. Minimum number of Platforms required for a railway/bus station
  7. Minimum sum of absolute difference of pairs of two arrays
  8. Maximize sum of consecutive differences in a circular array
  9. Paper cut into minimum number of squares
  10. Minimize sum of product of two arrays with permutation allowed
  11. Lexicographically smallest array after at-most K consecutive swaps
  12. Rearrange characters in a string such that no two adjacent are same
  13. Maximum height pyramid from the given array of objects
  14. Minimum cost for acquiring all coins with k extra coins allowed with every coin
  15. Maximum sum possible equal to sum of three stacks
  16. Maximize array sum after k-negations | Set 1
  17. Maximize array sum after k-negations | Set 2
  18. Rearrange a string so that all same characters become d distance away
  19. Minimum Cost to cut a board into squares
  20. Minimize cash flow among friends
  21. Minimum edges to reverse to make path from a source to a destination
  22. Minimize the maximum difference between the heights of towers

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