GCD of two numbers formed by n repeating x and y times


Given three positive integer n, x, y. The task is to print Greatest Common Divisor of numbers formed by n repeating x times and number formed by n repeating y times.
0 <= n, x, y <= 1000000000.


Input : n = 123, x = 2, y = 3.
Output : 123
Number formed are 123123 and 123123123.
Greatest Common Divisor of 123123 and
123123123 is 123.

Input : n = 4, x = 4, y = 6.
Output : 44

The idea is based on Euclidean algorithm to compute GCD of two number.
Let f(n, x) be a function which gives a number n repeated x times. So, we need to find GCD(f(n, x), f(n, y)).

Let n = 123, x = 3, y = 2.
So, first number A is f(123, 3) = 123123123 and second number B is f(123, 2) = 123123. We know, GCD(A,B) = GCD(A – B, B), using this property we can substract any multiple of B, say B’ from first A as long as B’ is smaller than A.
So, A = 123123123 and B’ can be 123123000. On substracting A will became 123 and B remains same.
Therfore, A = A – B’ = f(n, x – y).
So, GCD(f(n, x), f(n, y)) = GCD(f(n, x – y), f(n, y))

We can conclude following,

GCD(f(n, x), f(n, y)) = f(n, GCD(x, y)). 

Below is C++ implementation based on this approach:

// C++ program to print Greatest Common Divisor
// of number formed by N repeating x times and
// y times.
using namespace std;

// Return the Greatest common Divisor of two numbers.
int gcd(int a, int b)
    if (a == 0)
        return b;
    return gcd(b%a, a);

// Prints Greatest Common Divisor of number formed
// by n repeating x times and y times.
void findgcd(int n, int x, int y)
    // Finding GCD of x and y.
    int g = gcd(x,y);

    // Print n, g times.
    for (int i = 0; i < g; i++)
        cout << n;

// Driven Program
int main()
    int n = 123, x = 5, y = 2;
    findgcd(n, x, y);
    return 0;



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