Conditionally assign a value without using conditional and arithmetic operators

Given 4 integers a, b, y, and x, where x can only either 0 and 1 only. The ask is as follows:

If 'x' is 0, 
   Assign value 'a' to variable 'y' 
Else (If 'x' is 1)
   Assign value 'b' to variable 'y'.

Note: – You are not allowed to use any conditional operator (including ternary operator) or any arithmetic operator ( +, -, *, /).


Input :  a = 5 , b = 10, x = 1
Output :  y = 10

Input : a = 5, b = 10 , x = 0
Output :  y = 5

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An Idea is to simply store both 'a' and  'b' 
in an array  at 0th and 1th index respectively.
Then store value to 'y' by taking 'x' as index.

Below is C++ implementation

using namespace std;

// Function to assign value to y according
// to value of x
int assignValue(int a, int b, int x)
    int y;
    int arr[2];

    // Store both values in an array
    // value 'a' at 0th index
    arr[0] = a;

    // Value 'b' at 1th index
    arr[1] = b;

    // Assign value to 'y' taking 'x' as index
    y = arr[x];

    return y;

// Driver code
int main()
    int a = 5;
    int b = 10;
    int x = 0;

    cout << "Value assigned to 'y' is "
         << assignValue(a, b, x);
    return 0;


Value assigned to 'y' is 5

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