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Interpolation Search

Given a sorted array of n uniformly distributed values arr[], write a function to search for a particular element x in the array. Linear Search finds the element in O(n) time, Jump Search takes O(√ n) time and Binary Search take O(Log n) time. The Interpolation Search is an improvement over Binary Search for instances,… Read More »

Handling missing keys in Python dictionaries

In python, dictionaries are containers which map one key to its value with access time complexity to be O(1). But in many applications, the user doesn’t know all the keys present in the dictionaries. In such instances, if user tries to access a missing key, an error is popped indicating missing keys. Error : Traceback… Read More »

ChainMap in Python

Python also contains a container called “ChainMap” which encapsulates many dictionaries into one unit. ChainMap is member of module “collections“. Operations on ChainMap Access Operations 1. keys() :- This function is used to display all the keys of all the dictionaries in ChainMap. 2. values() :- This function is used to display values of all… Read More »

Contributing to Open Source : Getting Started

Open-source software is software that is freely available to use, redistribute, and modify. Open source software is already integrated into our daily lives, even more if you are working with IT. A recent research about open source usage shows that 66% of companies will first look for open source solutions before considering any other options. Many… Read More »