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Project Idea | (Universal Database Viewer)

Introduction The main object of this project is to provide the database in GUI oriented format through which we can retrieve information about the remote database and their tables for proper manipulation. GUI programming can be done in JAVA IDE. Features This Universal Persistent Viewer is a utility for database browsing. It provides an interface… Read More »

Project Idea | (Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition using neural network)

Introduction Hand gesture recognition system is used for interfacing between computer and human using hand gesture. We wish to make a windows-based application for live motion gesture recognition using webcam input in C++. This project is a combination of live motion detection and gesture identification. This application uses the webcam to detect gesture made by the… Read More »

Project Idea | ( Client Master)

Project Description The project, Client Master, is a simple but sophisticated client manager program, made using the Python language. I started this project in my attempt help my father, who is an Investment Consultant. This is my trial version, and there is still a lot more to add to this project. Purpose of Project It… Read More »

Project Idea | (A Game of Anagrams )

Project idea: The aim of this project is to create a game in python in which the user is presented with an anagram of a word and has to guess the right word within a limited number of attempts. Features of Project: The user is given a fixed number of attempts to guess the correct… Read More »

Project Idea | (Games using Hand Gestures)

Idea To design games using hand gestures. Simple games like pacman or you can build it yourself using some cool libraries available like in python it is PYGAME. Tool This project is based on Computer Vision. Implementation Can be implemented in any programming language but for simplicity take python. You can use its libraries like… Read More »

Building a Basic Chrome Extension

This is where you can get started with building Chrome Extensions which ultimately increase your productivity and fasten our tasking. Be it live match score, music, GeeksforGeeks new article updates or a whole page screenshot, you can build your own chrome extension for every task. So there’s some basic stuff which is required, it’s just… Read More »

Project Idea | (A.T.L.A.S: App Time Limit Alerting System)

Idea: Managing usage time of various apps/sites/softwares (by beep alerts and mail). Introduction ATLAS, coded in python, enables users to set maximum and minimum usage time for different applications/websites/softwares. Users can add multiple apps,websites (by their name) along with their max or/and min time of usage. The user will be alerted when the max time… Read More »

Project Idea | (Detection of Malicious Network activity)

Aim : As internet activities have incremented a lot now a days. The possibility of illegal access of private data is also increased. The aim of this project is to filter the network activities and to decide which are illegal of them. The process is similar to spam filtering from emails. Tool : This project… Read More »

Project Idea | (Online UML Designing Tool)

The project is based upon the web based UML designing. The main reason for selecting this topic was that now a day there is boom of internet users who wants to complete their work in less time and more efficient manner. The main objective of this tool is to provide a good quality online tool with… Read More »

Project Idea | (Optimization of Object-Based Image Analysis  with Super-Pixel for Land Cover Mapping)

ABSTRACT: A prerequisite for object-based image analysis is the generation of adequate segments. However, the parameters for the image segmentation algorithms are often manually defined. Therefore, the generation of an ideal segmentation level is usually costly and user-depended. A strategy for a semi-automatic optimization of object-based classification of multi-temporal data is introduced by using Super-Pixel… Read More »

Project Idea | (Trip Planner)

This project is basically an application which helps friends, colleagues or relatives who live at far off places (generally in another country) plan a trip together to a place in optimal budget. Use Case One friend lives in Delhi and another in London. They aspire to go for a vacation to a 3rd city. So… Read More »