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OpenCV C++ Program to blur an image

The following is the explanation to the C++ code to blur an Image in C++ using the tool OpenCV. Things to know: (1) The code will only compile in Linux environment. (2) Compile command: g++ -w article.cpp -o article `pkg-config –libs opencv` (3) Run command: ./article (4) The image bat.jpg has to be in the… Read More »

Demystifying Machine Learning

Machine Learning”. Now that’s a word that packs a punch! Machine learning is hot stuff these days! And why won’t it be? Almost every “enticing” new development in the field of Computer Science and Software Development in general has something related to machine learning behind the veils. Microsoft’s Cortana – Machine Learning. Object and Face… Read More »

Handling Ajax request in Django

Introduction This tutorial explains how to carry out a ajax request in Django web framework. We will create a simple post-liking app as a part of example. Glossary Project Initialization Create models Create views Write urls Carry out request with Jquery AJax. Register models to admin and add some posts.  Implementation: 1. Initiate the Django… Read More »


What is Laravel ? Laravel is a web application framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and like all other modern frameworks, it also follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel values Elegance, Simplicity, and Readability and if one talks of building applications with PHP frameworks, Laravel is second to none. Since Laravel is open-source,… Read More »

Viruses – From Newbie to pro

NOTE: Using an online compiler is not going to work here. Please install Python 2.7x and cv2, argparse modules to actually try out this example. Heya friends! Welcome back! Before continuing on with Malicious Logic, I request you to have a look at this great and informative article Worms, Viruses and Beyond!! Now, this article… Read More »

Designing Use Cases for a Project

Before we start working on any project, it is very important that we are very clear on what we want to do and how do we want to do. In my last Blog, I discussed on how to write a good SRS for your project and what is the advantage we get out of that.… Read More »

Project Idea | (Ca-solutions)

Ca-solutions basically stands for cable solutions which deals with solutions related to cables. From this application customer can send online complaints to the administrator regardless of calling or by meeting him at his office. Further when the complaint has been registered administrator can view the complaint in his database. As soon as customer registers a… Read More »

How to write a good SRS for your Project

What is SRS? A software requirements specification (SRS) is a description of a software system to be developed. It lays out functional and non-functional requirements, and may include a set of use cases that describe user interactions that the software must provide. Why SRS? In order to fully understand one’s project, it is very important… Read More »

Project Idea | ( True Random Number Generator)

Introduction Random numbers in computer science is used for cryptography, simulation, sampling, design and games. In the past the need for more and more randomness has increased. Developers seek for more and more randomness. This project is based on generating random numbers using simple programming on a local system. Features The source of randomness available… Read More »

Project Idea| (Magical Hangouts: An Android Messaging App)

INTRODUCTION The main idea in creating this app is to protect user’s confidential data such as passwords, bank accno, pin no and so on. There will be a situation in that we have to transfer one of the above sensitive data to some other trusted persons. We can’t assume that our data will be kept… Read More »