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Check horizontal and vertical symmetry in binary matrix

Given a 2D binary matrix of N rows and M columns. The task is to check whether the matrix is horizontal symmetric, vertical symmetric or both. The matrix is said to be horizontal symmetric if the first row is same as the last row, the second row is same as the second last row and… Read More »

Find all permuted rows of a given row in a matrix

We are given a m*n matrix of positive integers and a row number. The task is to find all rows in given matrix which are permutations of given row elements. It is also given that values in every row are distinct. Examples: Input : mat[][] = {{3, 1, 4, 2}, , {1, 6, 9, 3},… Read More »

Total coverage of all zeros in a binary matrix

Given a binary matrix that is, it contains 0s and 1s only, we need to find sum of coverage of all zeros of the matrix where coverage for a particular 0 is defined as total number of ones around a zero in left, right, up and bottom directions. The ones can be anywhere till corner… Read More »

Number of palindromic paths in a matrix

Given a matrix containing lower alphabetical characters only, we need to count number of palindromic paths in given matrix. A path is defined as a sequence of cells starting from top-left cell and ending at bottom-right cell. We are allowed to move to right and down only from current cell. Examples: Input : mat[][] =… Read More »