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Amazon Interview experience | Set 330

I recently gave interview for Amazon SDE-I role in Bangalore for AppStore team. Online Test (Hacker Earth): 1. Given a number N, you have to print “Prime” if its a prime number or “Not Prime” if its not. 2. Given a string S, print the number of digits and number of english alphabets in it.… Read More »

Treebo Interview experience

WRITTEN ROUND – It happened on HackerEarth 1) Negative Signs : In this problem given a number N, we have to return Yes/No such that if it is possible to get sum as zero by making half the numbers as negative(for odd number take floor of half). For example, if N=3 answer will be yes… Read More »

Wingify Interview Experience

1st Round(Assignment) Online Store without any frameworks HR will tell you that you can use frameworks but will tell you later that you are rejected because you used framework. Author has shared only first round, please refer below link for more interview experiences: Interview Corner If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you… Read More » Interview Experience | Set 6

1st Round(Hackerrank Test) Count elements in an array whose count > 1 ZeroOne problem SPOJ Only first round is contributed by author.  For more rounds, refer previous interview experiences. Interview Experience | Set 5 Interview Experience | Set 4 BankBazaar Interview Experience | Set 3 BankBazaar Interview Experience | Set 2 Interview Experience… Read More »