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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 25 (On-Campus)

Round 1 This was an online round.There were three sections : Aptitude and logic Data structures(mainly binary tree), OS, DBMS, OOPS. Data analysis ROUND 2: Online coding round:2 codes: Code 1: given an array and a player.The player selects elements from array.If the player selects an item with value i the he/she cannot select i+1… Read More »

Amazon Interview Experience | Set 282 (On-Campus)

I have just entered my third year and Amazon was the first company to visit our campus for Software Internship. The process was : ONLINE ROUND 2 Coding questions and 20 MCQs . The coding questions were: It was an easy string question similar to finding that the parenthesis are balanced or not .… Read More »

FICO ( Fair Issac and Corporation) | Set 1(On Campus)

On Campus Recruitment only for ” MCA ” There were 3 rounds: Round 1: Written( Offline written test which comprises of 3 modules) Module 1 : Technical Aptitude- Output questions on Java (MCQ) based on recursion,inheritance, matrix,strings etc. Module 2 : General Aptitude– Focus was mainly on PROBABILITY (RD Sharma),last digit of a number,diagonal passing through a grid… Read More »

Myntra Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus)

Myntra visited our campus on the first day of placements. Before coming to college, they held the first round which was online. Online Round (First round) The test was held on CodeGround. it consisted of 5 verbal apti questions each of 4 marks (very easy) and 3 coding questions. The coding questions were: 1. Minimum… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 39 (1.5 Years Experienced)

Test Procedure: (Prior to interview date) 1. Online Written test. Time: 1:30 hrs Questions: 25(5- coding, 20- MCQ) MCQs were aptitude, Operating systems and output questions Coding were simple array manipulation. 2. F2F Interview(1 hrs) (Bangalore) Q1: Find the diameter of the of binary tree with least complexity(O(n)). Q2: Convert a binary search tree… Read More »