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Deloitte Interview Experience | Set 4

I have recently faced an interview with Deloitte US, I would like to share the experience for fellow geeks. The entire process consist of 6 rounds(1 Written, 2 Technical, 1 English, 1 Director, 1 HR). The written test was outsourced to a third party(cocubes) , consisting of 30 MCQs to be solved in 30 mins.… Read More »

Zoho Interview Experience | Set 20

First, I would like to thank geekforgeeks for providing me with the previous interview questions. I applied through employee referral. First round was held at a college in Thirunelveli on 8th January, 2017. It consisted of 20 C aptitude questions and 10 general aptitude questions. These questions concentrated on control flows. Good knowledge in loops… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 44 (For MTS-1)

First round was online for 75 minutes on hackerrank. 3 sections: Aptitude,Output and 2 coding questions. Coding questions: 1. Given a string find alphabetically first and last substrings which start with vowel and end with constant 2. Given a set of votes.Find the candidate with maximum number of votes. There were 3 F2F rounds at… Read More »

Amazon Interview experience | Set 331 (1 Year Experienced for SE-1)

A big big thanks to geeks for geeks for constructing this platform where candidates find suitable question sets. 1. 1st Round (Coding round on hacker rank) : Two questions. Each of 100 marks. Total time given was 2 hours. Question 1: Question 2: 2. 2nd Round (Tech) : Two questions. Here the basic… Read More »