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Amdocs Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

TOTAL 3 ROUNDS: ROUND 1::ONLINE TEST…topics (a) quantative aptitude (b) logical reasoning (c) unix(technical part) (d) sql / pl-sql(technnical part) (e) english comprehension and general questions (f) coding ( 2 easy question in 45 minutes).if u have an average coding skill than its easy for you. (g) operating system questions.(technical part) (h) psychometry test. (i)… Read More »

Tismo Interview Experience | Set 1 ( On Campus )

The first round was an aptitude test. It contained two sections, first(compulsory)- 25 questions from general(basics eg. Find effective resistance of a circuit) .There was an option for 2nd section(ECE or CSE). I opted for CSE. It was mainly output questions. 30 were selected for the interview. TECHNICAL ROUND-1 Print the pattern– 1 2 2… Read More »

OLA Interview Experience | Set 9 (For SDE-1)

1. Written Find unions of all intervals(startime, endtime) Design cricket score dashboard (which can give match result, tournament result and player stats) 2. how to sort a very large file in a single node Design pastebin(very large through, scalable and distributed) 3. reverse a sentence with words. design rubik’s cube and its operation (all rotations… Read More »

Sapient Interview Experience | Set 4

First Round was online test. 4 sections- English : 25 Questions (synonyms, antonyms, 2 passages, sentence completion, common errors) Logical Reasoning : 25 Questions (Age relationship questions, series, Statements and Conclusions) Technical: 25 Questions (C, Data Structures, time complexity, sorting algorithms, OOPS concepts) Quantitative Aptitude: 25 Questions (Percentage, Profit and loss, LCM and HCF, Work… Read More »

Microsoft Interview experience | Set 105 ( Global Delivery )

Online-screening test: It was of around 90 minutes and was divided in 3 individual tests as follows: 1st test: Non-technical mcq(40 minutes: 40 questions) Quantitative aptitude mcq including questions on percentages, ratios, speed/distance, ages, pie charts, probability etc. Questions on vocabulary, coding/decoding, round table arrangements, sentence correction, Statements and conclusion etc. were also present. Questions… Read More »