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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 315

Interviewed for Mumbai location. Round 1 (Written round – 45 min) 1. Count the number of occurrences in a sorted array : 2. In given range, print all numbers having unique digits. e.g. In range 1 to 20 should print all numbers except 11. 3. Given a node, you can even find the next… Read More »

Visa Interview Experience | Set 12 (On-Campus)

Round 1 – Coding in hackerrank. (5 questions) Round 2 – Tech How ping works – Didn’t answer well Maximum Length Palindrome – Answered perfectly OS core concepts Resume Questions Round 3 – Tech and Managerial My AI project analyzed outright Networks project I had done for CIP had a payment scope. I explained it… Read More »

GE Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

GE visited our campus few days back for campus hiring .It had total of 3 rounds, including 1 online round,1 technical & 1HR round Round 1(online)MCQ +Coding Consist of 1 hour MCQ round (verbal ability + logical reasoning + aptitude + technical) & separate 1hour coding round consisting of two problems hosted on cocubes Each student… Read More »