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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 268 (Experienced)

I had worked at TCS,Chennai for 6 months and then was working at SAPLabs,Bangalore for last one year. I was interviewed at Amazon,World Trade Center for the position of Software Development Engineer. Round 1:Written Round a. Find a pair that sums to zero in a sorted array. b. Buy and sell shares to maximize… Read More »

Amazon Interview Experience | Set 264 (Experienced for SDE1)

I had around 1 year and 9 months of experience. And applied for SDE1 First Round (F2F): 1. What are data structures in which you are most uncomfortable. 2. What is your favorite sorting algorithm. Give a dry run. 3. Heap sort, dry run, Complexity of building heap, prove it. 4. , extended for… Read More »

Amazon Interview Experience | Set 262 (For SDE1)

I am 1.5 year experienced guy, currently working in one good Product Based company in Whitefield,Bangalore. I have spent 1.2 years in my present company and previously, I spent 6 months in TCS Pune. Recently, I got a chance to be interviewed by Amazon at Bangalore, through a referral (made friend from Facebook :p). I… Read More »

Adobe Interview Experience | Set 37 (3.5 Years Experienced)

Online Written Test 20 MCQ + 5 Coding Questions F2F 1 1. There are two sorted arrays . Find the median of array obtained by Merging these two arrays. 2. Find Transpose of a Matrix. 3. Tell me about Garbage Collection . I told him about GC process and different types of GCs available.… Read More »

Amazon Interview Experience | 262

1. Given infinite sequence of number, how you will store it in a system. Find whether the given sequence is palindrome or not. Ans: He suggested to store all the number in a linked list and then find Palindrome or not 2. A) Find the path with given sum in a Binary tree from the… Read More »