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Amazon Interview experience | Set 326 (For SDE II)

1st 1. reverse the linklist in pair manner Q: 1->2->3->4->5 A: 2->1->4->3->5 2. third highest value in tree Full code required. 2nd put the given random pointers in linklist to point to next greater node such that if u transverse list in using random pointer, list become sorted. duplicates are allowed. Full code required 3rd… Read More »

Eze Software Interview Experience | Set 1

The recruiter approached me via linkedin and sent me an Hackerrank test. After clearing it, i was invited for f2f interviews at their Hyderabad office. F2F-1 : With One lead developer – A discussion on my current work and my role in it. – I was given ‘Least Common Ancestor’ problem and was asked to… Read More »

Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 8 (Experienced)

It was really good experience at Qualcomm. I was interviewed for Associate Software Engineer and have an experience of an year, first by telephonic round and then F2F interview. Round-1 Telephonic around: 70 minutes (Taken by 2 persons) 1. All they asked at first was about Projects done in my company and at college level.… Read More »

Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 111 (For 1.5 Years Experienced)

Position: Software Engineer – 2(Big Data Team, Bangalore) I applied through referral. Got a call within a week. Round-1(Skype-Bangalore)(~45Mins) The interviewer directly asked me to explain about my current project. 5-6 questions from there. My project was based on cloud computing so, He asked me some basic questions about cloud computing. About three layers(IAAS, PAAS,… Read More »