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Group words with same set of characters

Given a list of words with lower cases. Implement a function to find all Words that have the same unique character set . Example: Input: words[] = { “may”, “student”, “students”, “dog”, “studentssess”, “god”, “cat”, “act”, “tab”, “bat”, “flow”, “wolf”, “lambs”, “amy”, “yam”, “balms”, “looped”, “poodle”}; Output : looped, poodle, lambs, balms, flow, wolf, tab,… Read More »

Check if two arrays are equal or not

Given two given arrays of equal length, the task is to find if given arrays are equal or not. Two arrays are said to be equal if both of them contain same set of elements, arrangements (or permutation) of elements may be different though. Note : If there are repetitions, then counts of repeated elements… Read More »

Range Queries for Frequencies of array elements

Given an array of n non-negative integers. The task is to find frequency of a particular element in the arbitrary range of array[]. The range is given as positions (not 0 based indexes) in array. There can be multiple queries of given type. For example:- Input : arr[] = {2, 8, 6, 9, 8, 6,… Read More »

Make two sets disjoint by removing minimum elements

Given two sets of integers as two arrays of size m and n. Find count of minimum numbers that should be removed from the sets so that both set become disjoint or don’t contains any elements in common. We can remove elements from any set. We need to find minimum total elements to be removed.… Read More »

Pairs of Amicable Numbers

Given an array of integers, print the number of pairs in the array that form an amicable pair. Two numbers are amicable if the first is equal to the sum of divisors of the second, and if the second number is equal to the sum of divisors of the first. Examples: Input : arr[] =… Read More »