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Begin Web Development with a Head Start

If you’re a budding engineer in the trade of IT or someone else with a fresh interest in website development and design, then this post is for you. For over a decade, web development has been the most favourite subject for geeks all over the world and it’s not new. But the everyday growth and… Read More »

Must use JavaScript Array Functions – Part 3

Must use JavaScript Array Functions -Part 1 Must use JavaScript Array Functions -Part 2 In this article, we are going to discuss the following JavaScript array functions prototype.reduce() prototype.concat() prototype.sort() prototype.reverse() 1. Array.Prototype.reduce() Description: Array.prototype.reduce() function is used when the programmer needs to iterate over a JavaScript array and reduce it to a single value. A… Read More »

Building a Basic Chrome Extension

This is where you can get started with building Chrome Extensions which ultimately increase your productivity and fasten our tasking. Be it live match score, music, GeeksforGeeks new article updates or a whole page screenshot, you can build your own chrome extension for every task. So there’s some basic stuff which is required, it’s just… Read More »

Why do you need a Responsive Website

  Mobile internet usage is growing at a steady pace, so much so that it is expected to overtake desktop browsing as early as 2016. It means that it has become more than necessary for website owners to think about channelizing their work into designing mobile friendly, handheld device compliant websites. What is a Responsive… Read More »

6 Tips to Prepare Behavioural Interview Questions

Many people are very afraid of behavioural interview questions in technical interviews as they seem to be just something most programmers are not good at. Unlike technical questions, which are very standard and usually have clear answers, behavioral interview questions are much more flexible and sometimes may make candidates quite uncomfortable. Although behavioural questions are… Read More »

Internet: Boon or Bane?

Internet has a great influence in our lives. We may or may not realize, but it has changed a lot in our lives. We are surrounded by mobile phones, computers and many other electronic devices all the time.Actually sometimes you might actually feel being a slave of these devices. These changes are both advantageous as… Read More »

Making your WordPress Website More Secure

Why security is Needed?  Blogging now a days has become a hobby of so many people and WordPress is the most opted platform for the same.By default, wordpress blogs employ a minimal level of security and also its files and/or plug-ins may often be outdated. These files are traceable and vulnerable to be hacked easily.… Read More »

Using Bitbucket as an extension to GitHub capabilities

Prerequisite links suggested for better understanding this article: GIT-Let’s Get into it Gihub to host static page There is a huge open source community backing of GitHub and no matter what, nothing beats GitHub when we talk about user experience and interface, reliability, and everything’s just apt and perfect! There’s a catch! In the free… Read More »

Using GitHub to host a free static website

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about using the GitHub to host our website, without paying anything at all, using GitHub Pages. It’s important that you follow this link as a prerequisite to this tutorial. A beginner may not be sure of whether to invest in buying server space, and GitHub gets their work… Read More »

Top 10 Programming Languages of 2015

Programming world is growing exponentially with each passing year. There are tons of programming languages one can learn. The question which comes to everyone’s mind is which language is most relevant given the current and future market needs. Let’s see which languages are popular enough today to deserve your attention. Java: There isn’t any doubt,… Read More »

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Technical On-site Interviews

Do you know that less than 10% of candidates passed their on-site interviews as reported in Silicon Valley? Don’t forget that those who failed have already passed the phone screen. As the last stage to filter candidates, on-site interview is the most difficult barrier for job seekers. For software engineers, on-site interviews usually involve quite… Read More »