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GATE CS 2016 Sec 1

Mathematics Set Theory | Introduction Set Theory | Set Operations Proposition Logic | Introduction Propositional Equivalence Predicates and Quantifiers Mean Variance And Standard Deviation Conditional… Read More »

GATE CS 2016 Sec 8

Operating System Process Management| Introduction Process Scheduling Process scheduler Disk Scheduling Process Synchronization| Introduction Process Synchronization | Monitors Deadlock | Introduction Deadlock Prevention And Avoidance… Read More »

GATE CS 2016 Sec 10

Computer Networks Network Devices IP Addressing IP Addressing | Classless Addressing Network Layer | Introduction IPv4 Datagram Fragmentation and Delay Longest Prefix Matching in Routers… Read More »

GATE CS 2016 Sec 9

Database Management System SQL Nested Queries in SQL Relational Algebra Basic Operators in Relational Algebra Extended Operators in Relational Algebra Minimization of ER Diagram Inner… Read More »