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Fast I/O for Competitive Programming

In competitive programming, it is important to read input as fast as possible so we save valuable time. You must have seen various problem statements saying: “Warning: Large I/O data, be careful with certain languages (though most should be OK if the algorithm is well designed)”. Key for such problems is to use Faster I/O… Read More »

Competitive Programming: Conquering a given problem

  Programming is the process of developing and implementing sets of instructions to enable a computer to do a certain task.The programming contests like ACM ICPC, Google CodeJam, and IEEE Extreme etc. are delightful playgrounds for the exploration of intelligence of programmers. From knowing the contest at first to being at ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regionals,… Read More »

How to begin with Competitive Programming?

At the very beginning to competitive programming, barely anyone knows the coding style to be followed. Below is an example to help understand that style. Let us consider below problem statement as an example. Problem Statement: Linear Search: Given an integer array and an element x, find if element is present in array or not.… Read More »

Top 10 Algorithms and Data Structures for Competitive Programming

In this post “Important top 10 algorithms and data structures for competitive coding “. Topics : Graph algorithms Dynamic programming Searching and Sorting: Number theory and Other Mathematical Geometrical and Network Flow Algorithms Data Structures The below links cover all most  important algorithms and data structure topics: Graph Algorithms Breadth First Search (BFS) Depth First… Read More »