1. Binary Tree Introduction
  2. Binary Tree Properties
  3. Types of Binary Tree
  4. Handshaking Lemma and Interesting Tree Properties
  5. Enumeration of Binary Tree
  6. Applications of tree data structure
  7. Tree Traversals
  8. BFS vs DFS for Binary Tree
  9. Level Order Tree Traversal
  10. Print level order traversal line by line
  11. Inorder Tree Traversal without Recursion
  12. Inorder Tree Traversal without recursion and without stack!
  13. Threaded Binary Tree
  14. Size of a tree
  15. Determine if Two Trees are Identical
  16. Maximum Depth or Height of a Tree
  17. Write a C program to Delete a Tree.
  18. Write an Efficient C Function to Convert a Binary Tree into its Mirror Tree
  19. If you are given two traversal sequences, can you construct the binary tree?
  20. Given a binary tree, print out all of its root-to-leaf paths one per line.
  21. The Great Tree-List Recursion Problem.
  22. Count leaf nodes in a binary tree
  23. Level order traversal in spiral form
  24. Check for Children Sum Property in a Binary Tree.
  25. Convert an arbitrary Binary Tree to a tree that holds Children Sum Property
  26. Diameter of a Binary Tree
  27. How to determine if a binary tree is height-balanced?
  28. Root to leaf path sum equal to a given number
  29. Construct Tree from given Inorder and Preorder traversals
  30. Given a binary tree, print all root-to-leaf paths
  31. Double Tree
  32. Maximum width of a binary tree
  33. Foldable Binary Trees
  34. Print nodes at k distance from root
  35. Get Level of a node in a Binary Tree
  36. Print Ancestors of a given node in Binary Tree
  37. Check if a given Binary Tree is SumTree
  38. Check if a binary tree is subtree of another binary tree
  39. Connect nodes at same level
  40. Connect nodes at same level using constant extra space
  41. Populate Inorder Successor for all nodes
  42. Convert a given tree to its Sum Tree
  43. Vertical Sum in a given Binary Tree
  44. Find the maximum sum leaf to root path in a Binary Tree
  45. Construct Special Binary Tree from given Inorder traversal
  46. Construct a special tree from given preorder traversal
  47. Check whether a given Binary Tree is Complete or not
  48. Boundary Traversal of binary tree
  49. Construct Full Binary Tree from given preorder and postorder traversals
  50. Iterative Preorder Traversal
  51. Morris traversal for Preorder
  52. Linked complete binary tree & its creation
  53. Ternary Search Tree
  54. Largest Independent Set Problem
  55. Iterative Postorder Traversal | Set 1 (Using Two Stacks)
  56. Iterative Postorder Traversal | Set 2 (Using One Stack)
  57. Reverse Level Order Traversal
  58. Construct Complete Binary Tree from its Linked List Representation
  59. Convert a given Binary Tree to Doubly Linked List | Set 1
  60. Tree Isomorphism Problem
  61. Find all possible interpretations of an array of digits
  62. Iterative Method to find Height of Binary Tree
  63. Custom Tree Problem
  64. Convert a given Binary Tree to Doubly Linked List | Set 2
  65. Print ancestors of a given binary tree node without recursion
  66. Difference between sums of odd level and even level nodes of a Binary Tree
  67. Print Postorder traversal from given Inorder and Preorder traversals
  68. Find depth of the deepest odd level leaf node
  69. Check if all leaves are at same level
  70. Print Left View of a Binary Tree
  71. Remove all nodes which don’t lie in any path with sum>= k
  72. Extract Leaves of a Binary Tree in a Doubly Linked List
  73. Deepest left leaf node in a binary tree
  74. Find next right node of a given key
  75. Sum of all the numbers that are formed from root to leaf paths
  76. Convert a given Binary Tree to Doubly Linked List | Set 3
  77. Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree | Set 1
  78. Find distance between two given keys of a Binary Tree
  79. Print all nodes that are at distance k from a leaf node
  80. Check if a given Binary Tree is height balanced like a Red-Black Tree,
  81. Print all nodes at distance k from a given node
  82. Print a Binary Tree in Vertical Order | Set 1
  83. Construct a tree from Inorder and Level order traversals
  84. Find the maximum path sum between two leaves of a binary tree
  85. Reverse alternate levels of a perfect binary tree
  86. Check if two nodes are cousins in a Binary Tree
  87. Check if a binary tree is subtree of another binary tree | Set 2
  88. Serialize and Deserialize a Binary Tree
  89. Print nodes between two given level numbers of a binary tree
  90. closest leaf in a Binary Tree
  91. Convert a Binary Tree to Threaded binary tree
  92. Print Nodes in Top View of Binary Tree
  93. Bottom View of a Binary Tree
  94. Perfect Binary Tree Specific Level Order Traversal
  95. Convert left-right representation of a bianry tree to down-right
  96. Minimum no. of iterations to pass information to all nodes in the tree
  97. Clone a Binary Tree with Random Pointers
  98. Given a binary tree, how do you remove all the half nodes?
  99. Vertex Cover Problem | Set 2 (Dynamic Programming Solution for Tree)
  100. Check whether a binary tree is a full binary tree or not
  101. Find sum of all left leaves in a given Binary Tree
  102. Remove nodes on root to leaf paths of length < K
  103. Find Count of Single Valued Subtrees
  104. Check if a given array can represent Preorder Traversal of Binary Search Tree
  105. Mirror of n-ary Tree
  106. Find multiplication of sums of data of leaves at same levels
  107. Succinct Encoding of Binary Tree
  108. Construct Binary Tree from given Parent Array representation
  109. Symmetric Tree (Mirror Image of itself)
  110. Find Minimum Depth of a Binary Tree
  111. Maximum Path Sum in a Binary Tree
  112. Expression Tree
  113. Check whether a binary tree is a complete tree or not | Set 2 (Recursive Solution)
  114. Change a Binary Tree so that every node stores sum of all nodes in left subtree
  115. Iterative Search for a key ‘x’ in Binary Tree
  116.  Find maximum (or minimum) in Binary Tree
  117. More Articles on Trees…

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