Amazon Interview Experience | Set 361


Round 1 :

1. Given 2 array of size m , n , find the pair from diff array with minimum difference

2. given the dialer of a feature phone and a dictionary of words , find the string suggestions after dialing n numbers .

3. Verify if the Tree validates the definition = +

Round 2 :

1 . how to handle server scaling up to sudden increased of request

2 . how to handle scaling the data

3. Design BookMyShow tables .

Round 3 :

1 . given an array of Strings , not necessarily in any order , find out if the string create a chain , such that first last char of a string is the first character of another and thus making a chain including at least all string

2 . Given a party with n people , a given function Knows() , such that
A knows B : true if a knows B
A Celebrity would be a person who knows no one but is known by all

Find out the celebrity if he exists in the party. I would like the mail id to be kept confidential.

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