Amazon Interview experience | Set 326 (For SDE II)


1. reverse the linklist in pair manner
Q: 1->2->3->4->5
A: 2->1->4->3->5

2. third highest value in tree
Full code required.

put the given random pointers in linklist to point to next greater node such that if u transverse list in using random pointer, list become sorted. duplicates are allowed.
Full code required

Design a solution to search the given value in system. You are given a value which need to be searched. The system will respond basis of type.
If its app based it will return app names. if it is web based it will return web pages hitsetc. A detailed discussion design and development.
No actual coding

Get the local maxima or minima in array.

Bar raiser:
distance between two nodes in binary tree.

Hiring manager 1
Design chess game

Hiring manager 2
Design inventory system. (eg: library)

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